SEO Consultant in Paris

SEO is SO Easy

All you need are the right guidelines, and the right tools. Once we have those in place, then you can start creating the type of magical content that draws traffic for ANY service you offer.

SEO Consultant in Paris

SEO 101

As an SEO consultant, let me show you how the witchcraft of SEO works, and how you can do it yourself.

Mostly for beginners though what I can teach is also very helpful to those with a little knowledge too. For more information check out my SEO packages below

Ain’t got time for that?

Leave your SEO to ME

I totally get it: you’ve got more important things to spend your time on. And I am more than happy for you to leave your site’s Search Engine Optimisation in my capable hands.

I LOVE SEO and all forms of online marketing and I would love for you and your business to benefit from all that I have learned over the years as an SEO consultant

Your initial Site Audit and Consultation will be an investment of €250.
Thereafter, my fees for SEO start from €450 per month.

My SEO Packages are fluid and customised for my client’s specific needs.
Below are some examples of different packages that might suit you, or we can always cherry pick too.

Intro to SEO

Say “Hello!” to Google: if not already in place, I will set up Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business.

Website Audit: I’ll use my standard SEO analysis tools to  produce a report that will help us see any problems areas. 

On-Page SEO work may include:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimisation – page descriptions and titles, image alt-text, focus keyword frequency and more.
  • Keyword Analysis and how to apply this witchery to your pages
  • Image optimisation – e.g compress large files that can affect page speed. 
  • Site Structure – take Google, and your visitors, for a properly spellbinding tour through your website.
  • Technical SEO – this is not my area of expertise but I can certainly advise if there are any problems that might be slowing your website down. 

Bonus Homework: extra tips to help increase your traffic… or you can continue working with me as we delve further into more advanced SEO >

Content Marketing

Unlock the alchemy of content marketing

This is a 2 month process where we get stuck into the nitty gritty of content marketing. 

Part 1 

This relies on the fact that you have had Google Analytics and Search Console set up for at least one month.

* 1 x 45 minute online meeting via Skype or similar.

We analyse your website traffic using Google Search Console: report on keywords that are being used to find your website, the amount of times your site has appeared, and the average position and Click Through Rate (CTR).

We then explore ways to tweak your existing content in order to improve not only the average position and the CTR, but also to slash your bounce rate.

We do this by optimising your content: the wording and structure, and your blog posts and pages. As a result they will also achieve higher ranking in the search results.

Part 2

1 x 45 minute online meeting via Skype or similar.

Ongoing content strategy development
Through the wizardry of online tools we’ll discover what information people are looking for surrounding your services, and what topics people truly want to read about within your niche.

The intention is to set you up with enough fuel to continue developing your content, on your own, in the following months.

Off-Page SEO

Create your brand’s global presence

1 x 45 minute meeting via Skype or something similar

Competitor analysis: first up, let’s compare your own website to your competition’s rankings – where is their traffic coming from?! Let’s see if we can profit from that traffic in the same way…

Back linking strategy: links make the WWW go around… We’ll work together to find new relevant sources to link to your website. By increasing the amount of quality links back to your website, Google is more likely to consider you an authority on your genre.

Social Media: Establish your brand as a serious force to be reckoned with!  My advice is to choose 1 or 2 and nurture your following with engagement and fellowship. Retweets and sharing is an invaluable form of testimonial and shouldn’t be dismissed.

Google My Business: Attention to this service will include “asking for the testimonial”  and making your presence more known in your locale.

Read my short blog post comparing ON-page and OFF-page SEO

Find out where your website appears on Google, and what you can do to improve that!

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