Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is SO Easy

All you need are the right guidelines and tools. Once you have those in place you can start creating the type of content that draws traffic for ANY service you offer.

SEO 101

Let me show you how SEO works, and how you can do it yourself.

Mostly for beginners though what I can teach is also very helpful to those with a little knowledge too. For more information check out my SEO packages below

Ain’t got time for that?

Leave your SEO to ME

I totally get it, so if you’ve got more important things to spend your precious time on, then I am more than happy for you to leave your site’s Search Engine Optimisation in my capable hands.

I LOVE SEO and all forms of online marketing and I would love for you to benefit from all that I have learned over the years.


I am always happy to provide a custom quote however the packages below are a very good starting point

Intro to SEO €450

Say Hi to Google: If not already in place, I will set up Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business.

Website Audit: I’ll use my standard SEO analysis tools to  produce a report that will help us see any problems areas. 

I will then spend a further 2 hours fixing any problems.
This may include:

  • On-page Search Engine Optimisation (meta, alt-tags etc)
  • Keyword Analysis and how to apply it to your pages
  • Image optimisation – e.g compress large files that can affect page speed. 
  • Site Structure – take Google, and your visitors, for a proper tour through your website.
  • Technical SEO – this is not my area of expertise but I can certainly advise if there are any problems that might be slowing your website down. 

Bonus Homework: Extra tips to help increase your traffic… or you can continue working with me and my Advanced SEO package >

Find out where your website appears on Google, and what you can do to improve that!

Advanced SEO €500

Content Marketing

This is a 2 month process where we get stuck into the nitty gritty of content marketing. 

Part 1 

This depends on the fact that you have had Google Analytics and Search Console set up for at least one month.

* 1 x 45 minutes face – to – face meeting either in person or online

Analyse your website traffic using Google Search Console: Report on keywords that are being used to find your website, the amount of times your site has appeared and the average position and Click Through Rate (CTR)

We then explore ways to tweak your content in order to improve not only the average position and the CTR, but also to slash your bounce rate. We do this by optimising your content i.e the wording of, and structure of,  your blog posts and pages. As a result they will also achieve higher ranking in the search results.

Part 2

1 x 45 minutes face – to – face meeting either in person or online

Competitor analysis: We can compare your own website to your competition’s rankings – where is their traffic coming from?! Let’s see if we can profit from that traffic in the same way…

Back linking strategy: Find new sources to link to your website

Content strategy development: Through the use of online tools we’ll discover ~  What information people are looking for surrounding your services and what topics people really want to read about within your niche.

Officially trained with
Rachel Myers successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!

Years ago all that was required to be listed high on Google was to stuff a bunch of keywords on your website’s homepage. Google soon caught on and began blacklisting and banning all kinds of companies for what has become known as Black Hat SEO techniques.

Google continually evolves, honestly it never stops, and while I have not always been a SEO specialist, I closely followed the evolution of search engines and website optimisation. After applying the techniques I learned to my clients’ websites, I realised that I was having great success, and that I actually really, really loved the process.